Akbar Birbal Story In English | Akbar Birbal Story

Hello friends in this post you will learn Akbar Birbal story, Akbar Birbal story in English, Akbar Birbal story in English with Moral. In future I will add more stories. In this story u will learn Akbar Birbal Story three qualities in one person. Please follow me for more.

 Akbar Birbal Story in English | Akbar Birbal Story | Akbar Birbal Story In English with Moral

Akbar birbal story in English, akbar birbal story.

Once Emperor Akbar asked Birbal
 "Can you show us the three qualities in one man?"
Birbal said. "Yes sir, I will give you the first parrot, the second lion,
I can show the bid of the third donkey but not today
I'll show you tomorrow
The emperor agreed to Birbal and said,

i'll give you tomorrow
The next day Birbal told a person
Put in the palanquin and came to the palace with the soldier and in that palanquin
Took a man out. then the man
 Gave a pack of wine. When the man was drunk, he saw
He is in front of Emperor Akbar in the palace.
The man was frightened and started pleading with the emperor - "Huzoor!

Pardon me. i'm a very poor
I am a man." Birbal ji has brought me here, I have not committed any crime.
Birbal said this
"It's a parrot quote"
After some time another peg to that man
 When given, he said to the drunken king,
 "Hey go, you are the king of Delhi, so what?
 We are also the kings of our house. Don't show us too much tantrums"

Birbal told, "This is the lion's speech" while intoxicated, after some time the man
Gave another peg so he got drunk
 Fell to the side and began to murmur in a drunken stupor.

Birbal gave him a kick and said to the emperor, "Huzoor! This is the speech of a donkey."

The emperor was very happy seeing Birbal's wisdom and he rewarded Birbal with a lot.
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